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The Common Problems about ND Filters

"X" cross issues:
"X" cross on images is a common issue with wide angle lenses and variable ND filters. Physics limits the capabilities of variable ND filters on wide angle lenses.
When you enter the edge of the max range, the "X" issue may appear on yout image. Because you are using it beyond its capability according to the laws of optical physics, which will inevitably cause this phenomenon.
If you want to use ND filtration at wider angles, you'll need to get a ND filter (or multiple filters) with a static density.

Color shift
The color of the image may vary between warm and cold. This is a common phenomenon of all variable ND filters. You need to adjust your white balance accordingly when setting the ND filter to different ranges.

Lens cap or lens hood may not fit this filter
The outside thread is larger than the inside one, which is our special design.The wider front filter ring helps reduce the possibility of vignetting (the darkening of corners) at wide angle. If you still want to mount lens cap, you will need to take the filter off or use a lager thread cap instead.