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ZOMEi M8 Professional Camera Tripod: Review

Rui Pires 

I bought this tripod because I'm Zomei customer since some time. I have the mini tripod Zomei Marco CK-30, then I bought the Zomei Q666 for travel, also a great tripod. The best thing about this brand is the relation between the low prices and high quality. There is out there some known tripod top
brands but I think is a waste of money as the quality do not justify the price ever if it is for professional use. The first thing to make me pay attention
to the Zomei M8 is the fact that this tripod allows you to move the central column from zero to 180° angles in vertical and horizontal positions, making
macro-photography and special wide-angle shots very easy to do. As an example of this feature is take some stills or macro from objects over a table
where you don't need to put the tripod over the table, as in photos. Other great this is all this tripod is made of magnesium aluminium alloy that’s make
it very sturdy and strong and allow you to use on it over 8Kg of equipment. In this test I used my very heavy Leica SL camera, 24-90 lens and grip
without any hassle. The ball head works great with smooth fluid-like movements and it rotates 360 degrees (have a panoramic scale) and includes a
quick release plate and bubble levels. In windy days, the tripod have a hook where you can hang a sand bag or other heavy stuff to make everything
more safe. Legs have three different angles, 25, 50 and 80 degree, allow you to have some safety and also to take extreme low shoots, also you can
invert the centre column easy to fix the camera in lower part of tripod, a great thing to take extreme low angle photos. Also this tripod have an special
leg that can be detached and you end with a nice monopod. At end of day, the tripod legs can be inverted and folded back 180 degree, giving it a
compact size of 18.9" make it very easy to carry everywhere and also to travel, he fits inside a medium travel bag. The Zomei M8 also comes with a very
nice bag, as in photos. The weight of all tripod and bag is just 4,5 lbs. I found no issues at all. You can buy with confidence that you will very happy.