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By Jane Yang | 30 November 2018 | 930 Comments

What? You ask me how to choose an ideal tripod?

What is the ideal tripod? This is a question photographers have been chasing for years. The problem is that when it comes to tripods, we tend to want it all: solid support, tall maximum height, low minimum height, compact design and lightweight. The problem is, to get max height and support you need a heavier unit… unless you fork out for a carbon fibre tripod.

Choosing a tripod isn't just about selecting the smallest and lightest model. Indeed, picking the lightest legs isn't always the best plan. Marginally heavier alternatives won't be a noticeable burden, but they can provide much more rigidity and versatility. All of these tripods use a carbon fiber construction to save weight, but this ups the price. Some models also have aluminium counterparts. Each includes a compact ball head, but check carefully: a ball that's too small for a larger DSLR will become a precarious balancing act.
The new Zomei C Series carbon fiber tripods are simply stunning in looks and functionality. With 180 degree reversible legs, you can get in and out of any photography situation, the reversible center column makes macro a snap, hang a sandbag from the center column hook for the ultimate in stability, and unscrew the padded leg of your XC Series carbon fiber tripod and to reveal its built-in carbon fiber monopod which is fantastic for sports or nature photography. The Z699C is  2-in-1 tripod which could be converted into a full size monopod by screwing together the center column and the removable tripod leg. Made of carbon fiber which is well-designed and folded up wonderfully for travel; allowing height ranging from 13.8" to 60", it is portable and compact once collapsed. Despite of its light weight, the legs perform very sturdy and can independently lock in different positions, so it's worry-free for uneven surfaces; there's also a hook for hanging weight in order to get extra support; the max. load for this tripod is 33LB (15KG), so it will hold your DSLR or other gears safely. Carbon fiber won't get hot or cold easily as it is temperature resistant, therefore, you are free to shoot outside regardless of season or climate.reversible center column.

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